Green Deal

Key Points

  • The Green Deal is now privately funded.
  • Finance is available for certain types of energy improvements.
  • Green Deal finance is not a Grant.
  • Green Deal finance has to be repaid.
  • Repayments through the Green deal are transferred from property occupier to occupier


What is the Process?


Stage 1 – An energy assessment of the building is undertaken to produce a ’generic’ Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property. That EPC will include a Recommendation Report which identifies certain measures which if introduced would improve the Energy Rating of the property.


Stage 2 – The property occupier requests a Green Deal Assessor to undertake a Green Deal Occupancy Assessment of the property, the output of which is a Green Deal Occupancy Report.


Stage 3 – The property occupier then asks a Green Deal Provider using the Green Deal Occupancy Report, to cost the improvement measures contained in the Green Deal Occupancy Report and the degree to which each qualifies for full or partial Green Deal finance within the rules of the Green Deal scheme.


Stage 4 – The Green Deal Provider then instructs a single or multiple (depending upon the cost of the measure) Green Deal Installer to cost proposed improvement measures.


Stage 5 – The Green Deal Provider then checks the costing figures provided by the Green Deal Installer and then produces the Green Deal Proposal for the client.


Stage 6 – The Green Deal proposal on acceptance by the client then causes the Green Deal measures to be installed by the Green Deal Installer.


Stage 7 – On completion of the installation of the improvement measures a new Energy Performance Certificate is produced showing how the property has benefited from and including reference to the Green Deal measures installed.


Stage 8 – Energy use is reduced and the cost of the improvement measures is recovered through the electricity meter account of the property.


West London Energy Assessors is a Green Deal Assessor Organisation, and can undertake Green Deal Occupancy Assessments for residential buildings.