Drone and Aerial Building Surveys

Key Points

  • Drone Building Surveys can provide a rapid and very cost-effective method of building inspection.
  • Drone Building Surveys can identify and locate suspected defects, obtain High Definition photographic Evidence of known Defects, validate Pre-Survey inspections for accurate tenders, and post contract inspections (snagging).
  • Imagery can be ultra-HD 4K video footage or multi-megapixel still aerial images.
  • Thermographic Imagery can identify building defects normal photographs and video would miss.

West London Energy Assessors is fully authorized by the UK Civil Aviation Authority under articles 94(5) and 95(2)(a) of the Air Navigation Order 2016 to undertake small unmanned aircraft operations using multi-rotor aircraft for the purposes of commercial operations and for operations over or within 150 metres of any congested area.

Insurance for such operations is held and in place, any activities subject to prevailing weather conditions dictated by the location, type of weather conditions, and the final decision of the pilot.

Services we can provide include:

External Building surveys of fabric generally, or of a specific areas of buildings which are up to 400 feet tall.

Roof surveys of buildings up to 350 feet tall either as separate tasks or as part of condition surveys.

Thermographic surveys of building elements to identify thermal bridges, gaps in insulation, and leaking roofs.

Estate Wide imagery.

All flight planning and publishing of Notifications to Airmen (NOTAM) where required.

Information about Drones used

Maximum attitude (without special permission) – 400 feet above the take off point.

Flight duration – depends upon weather conditions and ambient temperature.  A lot of area can be covered by a drone in a short time.

Commonly asked Questions and Issues

Can drones fly in built up areas?  Yes.  Subject to a pre-site survey and permissions being granted and impact assessments completed.

Can drones fly to and over inaccessible areas?  No.  Flights can only be conducted under ‘line of sight’ rules.  It cannot be flown where it cannot be seen by the pilot.

Can drones fly before Sunrise and Sunset?  Yes, but are subject to very strict rules.  West London Energy Assessors hold the relevant permissions.

Can drones be flown in the rain?  No.  The Commercial drones used by West London Energy Assessors are highly complex electronic aerial platforms which are not waterproof.

What does a drone survey cost?  It depends on each task – as every activity is different, with different constraints, planning requirements, operating requirements, personnel and safety considerations, and required outputs.

For Further Information

For further information either use the contact form or phone.  If you have site plans, maps, or other drawings of the site to be surveyed, they can be helpful in understanding the size of the project and in the planning process.