Energy Management – ISO 50001:2018 – Requirements and Guidance for Use

Key Points

  • ISO 50001 is globally recognised international Standard
  • ISO 50001 provides a structured and tiered approach to energy management
  • Adoption of ISO 50001 practices will engage will all levels of management and staff
  • Certification to ISO 50001 will require investment and commitment across the certification footprint
  • Continued certification to ISO 50001 will deliver improvements in energy performance through better energy consumption, use, and efficiency

ISO 50001:2018 is to enable organisations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance including energy efficiency, use and consumption.  Implementation of the Standard is intended to lead to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, other related environmental impacts, and energy costs through systematic management of energy.

This Standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organisations, irrespective of geographical cultural or social conditions.

The Standard can apply to a site, a group or sites, or the whole organisation.

West London Energy Assessors can undertake the design and creation of an Energy Management System compliant with the Standard, the internal audit of an existing ISO 50001:2018 compliant Energy Management System, and the review an existing Energy Management System for compliance and completeness against the International Standard, and has staff fully qualified to do so.